Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to fix sari fall

Selecting fall
Usually we select fall that matches the border. For light colour sari I prefer to select fall which matches the body colour. If the colour of the fall bleeds whole sari will be spoiled.
Selecting the thread
Selection of the colour of thread depends upon the place where the stitches fall.
Preparing the fall
Soak the sari fall in salt water for 15 minutes, wash, dry and iron.
Stitching the fall
Stitch the side edges of the fall with machine or hand stitch.
Lower edge of the sari is stitched with small running stitches adding back stitches in-between. Daily ware sari is can be stitched by machine with zig- zag stitch.
Step 1

Spread the sari on a flat surface. Secure the fall with pins to the sari so that there or no wrinkles. Thread

the needle with one strand of matching thread (I have used different thread so that it is easily visible in the

image.). Bring the needle out at A from the back of the fall.

Step 2

Take a small stitch BC (Go down at B come out at C) on the sari just below the point A
Step 3

From the point D near to A( point D should be very close to Point A) Take Big stitch DA'.This stitch should

be under the fall only. Stitch should not visible on the sari.( please see the line diagram also) Stitches AB

and CD will be together like two vertical stitches. These stitches are seen in the image” step 1 repeat “

these are one set of stitches.
Start second stitch from A' and continue.This is called slip stitch
Step 1 repeated

Right side of the sari